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We proudly represent General Electric (GE ) manufacture and there new world impact on designing and producing American Made LED products for us to install for our amazing customers. Please take the time to watch this presentation! We admire businesses that want to save!

LED Fixtures are improving Lighting Quality

LED Light Projects: Have Paybacks under 1 Year

Police and Fire Construction and Development LLC is the company behind www.pnfconstruction.com. The name was decided upon with family and friends that were fire fighters and police officers that partnered up to build a business from nothing to what we are today. As we stand together, we are extreme experts in Construction, Led Lighting and electrical technologies. We are licensed, bonded, insured and minority owned. Construction is where we started in 2005 and as of 2013 we started our Led lighting and retrofitting Systems, saving our customers hundred's to thousands of dollars in energy cut costs. Our life cycle economic analysis, and how we build and represent our company is for most important to our customer's and to our company's reputation.

We are constantly evaluating and investigating Led lighting systems to show that all of our products meet dark sky compliance, commercial, municipal and institutional requirements for reliability and exceed UL specifications. Our high performance lighting have the lowest cost to own for indoor and outdoor Led lighting applications.

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Our products include all types of LED lighting which uses 50% to 90% less energy consumption than your traditional fixture.

Our Manufactures work with our customer's to address a more solid state qualified led fixture better suit to our customers satisfaction and client's specs. Our typical project uses 80% less energy than our competitors. All of our lights are made in America, using American made materials. This creates jobs in America and betters the economy.

We highly address the need to save money, in this economy and our world's environment, switching to a more efficient Lighting fixture not only saves you money but helps the economy and makes our environment more friendly from chemicals that your old metal halide, florescent fixtures produce.

The lower gains of led lighting, at lower costs and less project risks. Our client's gain reliable lighting that exceed industry standards and also gain improvements to the quality of light output and significantly lowers cost of operation and ownership.

Your electrical meter measures your KW Demand and KWh usage and according to your electric provider, they will charge you accordingly to your usage. They don't tell you how to use less or how to save. This is where we come in. So why not switch? Free Evaluations, Call us today!


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