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The Salvation Army

Project 30042                     Corp Buildings/Gyms

We worked hand in hand with The Salvation Army to brighten up their gyms all over Michigan, saving them a ton of money. We conducted high bay retrofits and replaced metal halide, HID's to our newest on the market HO 150W LED high Bay reviling over 21,000 Lumens per new fixture installed.


Tim Horton's Café and Bake Shop

Project 30035                                    Restaurant

We replaced all parking lot area lights to LED as well as the wall packs reducing their energy consumption by more than 70%. We also replaced all interior lights to LED, brightening the environment for employees and customers as well as saving energy.


Project 28305                 Office Building-Factory

We reduced the customer's 4ft and 8ft T12 Troffers from 180 watts to 34 watts, saving them a heaping amount of $124,897.43 a month.


Project 28315                Ambassador Bridge

We Saved our customer $58,880.00 annually and their 10 year analysis was $588,800.00.  


Project 28328                Fed Ex Shipping Docks

Our customer energy use dropped from 465 watts to 72 watts per fixture, saving them a total of $2,785.32 a month.


Project 28334                Cadillac Dealership

We reduced our customer's energy consumption from 2200 watts to 200 watts per pole!

We reduced their energy consumption from 400W to 40W per fixture!


Project 28339                5th Third Bank

Incentives were calculated at $40,044.40. We saved our client a total of $4,118.75 a month on there DTE bill. That's an annual savings of $49,425.00. For kick starters, their return on investment was less than 1 year 4 months and there 10 year project analysis was $494,250.00 not including maintenance savings.  

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Project 28341         LIFE CHRISTIAN CHURCH

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