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Led retrofit kits

We offer a wide range of expertise in commercial construction and Led lighting systems. Please refer to blog for more info on Led lighting. To learn more about Commercial or Industrial Construction Contact Us Direct and ask to speak to the project manager in Construction Services. To learn more about engineering and audit services including rebates and tax deductions, read below.

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Led Lighting Design, Audits and Payback Analysis and Project Management Services

We are your preferred contractor in assuring the best in class installations of Led indoor  and outdoor lighting that is efficient and economical and pays for the improvements from the total savings.

At P & F Construction, we start by working with our customer's to understand the place of business, it's operations and conditions. Lighting survey's and interviews are conducted to examine proper construction, conditions, existing costs and any challenges that may arise to be present. By fully understanding the business uses, schedules, allows us to determine proper needs and wants for the Led lighting system.

Our goal is to provide a Lighting solution, meeting customer's requirement's!

Existing Lighting Conditions Audit

The lighting audit is a key step to not only inventory existing lighting and their energy usage, but allows us to understand site conditions that affect place of operations. We sketch out on building site plans and gather data, location and energy usage on existing fixtures. We seek to gain comprehensive understanding of customer's lighting needs and installation conditions.

Engineering of Lighting Systems

Our engineered lighting operations have only one goal, to balance lighting needs to the lowest cost of installation and time consumed in installation. This process examines site conditions, selects the Led fixture type to match conditions and perform advanced lighting simulations. We design with a goal of making old and new fixtures or retrofits perform efficiently with applicable standards and long life span. By meeting these standards to total cost of ownership by our client exceed our goals.

Lighting Economic Analysis

The lighting economic analysis provides our customer's with investment measures and total cost of project. We factor in costs, rebates, times of operation and maintenance costs, to project investment measures such as payback period and return on investment. We also create a 10 year project performance analysis due to historic trends and regional cost fluctuations and cost to own.

Project Management and Incentives/Rebates

We consult and install meeting customer's needs and expectations. We work with sub-contractors to assure plans meet or exceed field conditions and meet designed objectives. We always make sure our installation is fast and effective, minimizing customer's disruptions. We can arrange and coordinate post installation audits to fulfill the required paper  work involved in obtaining rebates and tax deduction/ wright offs under the EPAct and IRS requirements or rebates from other utility or government programs.